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Welcome To YaYa Foot Spa Online Booking Hints

Every booking platform has a few quirks that require explaining. Here is what

we have noticed so far. Booking a reservation for more than one guest online is

possible by following these simple steps. When booking a multi-person

reservation you must first complete the booking of one guest. After the booking

is confirmed you select the arrow to the right of your screen. Look for the tab

"book again". Using your name, simply select the same treatment option and a

different provider. Next select the same date and time. Then book the reservation.

Upon review, you will see that your reservation has populated two time slots with

different providers. You can book up to four treatments if a provider is available

at the desired time.


Guests also need to be aware that the Schedulicity platform enables guests to

book at any of our locations. If you try to schedule online from the website the

platform will default to our Bishop Arts location. Simply look for the

"looking for another location" tab on the left hand side and tab down to

select the desired location. You can also change location on the right hand side

by tabbing down to the desired location below the 'show map" tab.


Welcome To YaYa Foot Spa COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 presents many ongoing Challenges to YaYa Foot Spa. The fact that our society is split on public health measures complicates our daily operation. First, all our staff is vaccinated and boosted. Second, our staff will continue to wear masks. Third, advanced cleaning between guests remains in place. Fourth, we have added 5 minutes more minutes between appointments to maintain social distancing.

Welcome To YaYa Foot Spa Business Connections

We are pleased to have partnered with Schedulicity to enable our guests to book online. Our new scheduling platform gives our guests the ability to quickly book online. Part of the scheduling platform also includes the ability to purchase online gift certificates. Direct access to this feature is on our website and the Schedulicity platform. Gift Certificates are processed by The Gift Card Café. In addition, the Schedulicity platform does an excellent job of confirming reservations and sending reminders. Schedulicity also permits us to directly communicate with our guests after their appointment. Finally, the platform enables us to communicate specials and important news. In order to enable these features, guests need to register directly on the Schedulicity platform. Registering only takes a few minutes.