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COVID-19 & Inflation Requires Plain Talk

We want our guests to know why we raised our treatment fees recently. These increases were our first since we opened. Both COVID-19 and inflation are hampering our ability to make a reasonable profit. COVID-19 is keeping many guests at home. Also, we increased the time between appointments to practice good social distancing.  Inflation cuts into the income guests have for personal entertainment.

These factors have no effect on our fixed expenses, which continue to rise. Fixed expenses include rent, taxes, insurance, and utilities. Our supply costs have increased due to COVID-19 protocols. This includes items such as masks and sanitizer. These costs and others related to operations have all increased because of inflation. Finally, the times impact our ability to maintain staff.

Despite these challenges, we at YaYa Foot Spa are not going to give up. For the sake of our families, our staff, and guests we will prevail.


COVID-19 Protocols

 COVID-19 continues to influence our business operations. The fact that our society is split on what public health measures to follow can get confusing. While the infection is reduced, the use of masks and sanitizer is optional. Our staff is completely vaccinated and boosted. Our staff will also continue to wear masks, constantly sanitize hands, and use enhanced cleaning of seating between guests.

Everyone must take ownership of their actions. An infected person can still bring pain, suffering, and death to innocent folks just going about their business. Very seldom does human history allow individuals the ability to affect the future of mankind. One cannot underestimate the importance each person has in keeping our society open in what we call “the new normal”.